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Updated 1st August 2015
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"No Reduction - No Fee"
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If You Suspect You have been OverCharged by Your Lawyers...
   You Probably Have Been!
Even if your case has been settled!
    Top 5 Ways a Law Firm Overcharges You!

1   Charges top $ hourly Rate for Senior/Junior Solicitor, but a "paralegal" does the Work!  

  Uses "pro forma" letters for work and charges high rate for these simple letters.

3   Doubling up on attendances at court, travelling, meetings and conferences where their other clients' matters are dealt with and you are charged the full time instead of a portion. Over the lifetime of your matter this can result in thousands of dollars you are overcharged.

4   Being charged for "non-legal" work such as research, self education, reviewing your file and mistakes being made that you are not even aware of!

  Inefficiency and laziness by the solicitor and their staff.  

This overcharging may be worth thousands of dollars of your money which you are entitled to a refund and you may not even be aware of it.

Our Costs Wizard knows. No Reduction - No Fee.

Contact us an we will give you the options you have.
"No Reduction - No Fee"
In Qld if you have motor vehicle personal injuries case, there is a 50/50 Rule that says the law firm cannot charge you any more than 50% of your settlement or Judgement.

However, some law firms think this means they are entitled to 50% of your settlement money.

This is not true. Their legal costs must still be 'reasonable and fair legal costs'.

Please contact us if you have doubts about this.